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Genuine Leather Replica Fashion Week Handbags: Fendi Fall 2012
Images via After a lineup last season that left something to be desired, Fendi Fall 2012 extends the brand’s recent history of stellar accessories collections. Just look at that bag up there, you guys. Just look at it. I don’t have to explain why that’s an awesome bag.... Read more
Essentials Replica Handbags Fashion Week Handbags: Fendi Spring 2011
Can I get a standing ovation for Fendi? It wasn’t all that many seasons ago that the brand’s accessories department seemed to be in a bit of a post-Spy Bag aesthetic flux. There were too many logos, too many underdeveloped ideas and too little editing. From the looks of... Read more
Guide Trusted Dealers Fashion Week Spring 2010: Fendi Handbags
The Fendi Spring 2010 Handbags Collection is the very definition of a “mixed bag.” Har har, bag pun. I know, it was bad. I’ll stop. Anyway, yes, the bags! Some were amazing – the new soft leather Peekaboos with wood or clear plastic handles were among my favorites, and... Read more
Prada                                                    Grace small leather shoulder bag Essentials Replica Handbags
N my view the Prada Saffiano bag is among the very classic luggage along with the Hermes Birkin, Chanel 2.55, Lady Dior and LV Speedy just to mention a couple. However, the Prada Saffiano is much more wallet-friendly than the Chanel 2.55, better equipped for the younger man than... Read more
Prada                                                    Galleria Saffiano Small leather tote Professional Replica
This layout is not new, and we’ve probably covered different iterations of the bag previously. The more I see it, though, the further I think that it deserves mentioning. The straight lines and clean edges are basically perfect in their ease, and the rigid, demanding saffiano leather will hold... Read more
Prada                                                    East West shopper Wholesale Replica
This safiano bag ought to be taken into consideration when wanting to construct your handbag collection. It is more than an investment, so I will admit, but this Prada classic doesn’t disappoint. As we are putting together attributes for our much cherished “The Many Bags of…” show, the long-term... Read more
Prada                                                    Paradigme saffiano leather tote Replica Bags Buy Online
While we were lost in our own worlds, this handbag comes in with a perfect exterior and inside, yes! It does exist from the house of Prada. The top opens to a spacious interior of two compartments separated by a principal flap pocket, so it is really a snap-flap... Read more
Prada                                                    Etiquette leather shoulder bag Replica Bags Buyers Guide
This design is not new, and we’ve probably covered various iterations of the tote in the past. The more I see that, though, the more I think it deserves mentioning. The straight lines and clean edges are essentially perfect in their simplicity, and the stiff, demanding saffiano leather will... Read more
Prada                                                    Denim tote For Sale Replica Bags
Problems: As mentioned in my video, I’m not fond of the nylon logo lining nor the less structured foundation. The foundation, however, should be a simple fix with a foundation shaper. A bigger issue that I did not mention in my video is that the inconsistency of quality I... Read more
Prada                                                    Paradigme leather and denim handbag Wholesale Suppliers
We have had some harsh words to state over the last month or so about Prada’s fall handbag collection. Some of them are covered in fur, a number are unfortunate combinations of nylon and velvet, and a lot of them seem a little “grandma” As a result, I am... Read more