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Hate is such a strong word. So I am feeling the need to redeem myself. Don’t think I am being an Indian-giver, because I... Grade 1 Replica Handbag Fendi Handbags

Hate is such a strong word. So I am feeling the need to redeem myself. Don’t think I am being an Indian-giver, because I really do not like Fendi, logo print that is. So here comes my redemption. This way I can show you I do know fashion when I see it, and I can appreciate all kinds of bags and designers (but I really don’t have to like them all, now do I?) So I must move on to the apology, IF indeed I offended anyone by my strong words, and now I am moving onto some Fendi bags that *I LIKE*, and one, that I even love!

Fendi Python VanityFor starters, let me show you a simply divine bag. The Fendi Python Beaded Small Vanity Bag is gorgeous. So there Vlad!! Take that. Anyhow, this little number can be carried as a clutch or slung over the shoulder (there is a removable shoulder strap). Personally I love the idea of it being a clutch, but it is all up to you of course. The bag is zucca jacquard with pink python and red leather trim, gold leather piping, and pink and red beaded detail, which means there is a small amount of the Fendi logo print but it is barely noticeable unless you look really really closely. The focal point of the bag is the multicolor mirror detail on front with pink python trim and golden rivets. The bag sports a secure flap closure, which is not only in style but also easy to open and close and really hip for any bag. And here comes the part where I laugh out loud at myself. My parents told me that I have always been drawn to the most expensive items since I first started crawling, and I am doing it again. For a seriously large price of $1,860 at eLuxury, this Fendi bag that I do love is available. If I go so far as to buy it, chances are Vlad, too, may be a little more like I was as a wee little tyke and crawl out of the store. But then again, that would more because I made him broken than anything else. What can I say, I am an angel.

Fendi Small ClutchLet me now delve into the Fendi Small Metallic Pouch. Remember the song you sang when you used to sit on the red and blue line and have the buddy system and have nap time in school? Think way back to when, and start to hum along with, “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the others gold.” (HAHA I know you just sang along with the actual tune, don’t even try to deny it). This flashy pouch is gleaming with metallic colors, flashing its trendy hardware, and showing off the spy handle. Made with gold and silver metallic zucca logo on light brown fabric, lime green satin lining, metallic gold suede trim, and making sure to include a detachable gold chain shoulder strap if you’d like to sling it over your shoulder, this bag is a true must have. Like I said earlier, the spy handle is what sets this bag up and over the top for me. For some reason my taste just keeps getting higher and higher. This one is pushing the deuce $$$ marking; available at Neiman Marcus for $1,195.

Fendi Mini Fringe BaguetteWant to see a unique and somewhat cheap Fendi bag that has no logo print? Take into account that it is all relative, but have I got the bag for you. This is a bit of a blast from the past, I do remember the hip fringing of shirts that was once in style as the 80’s ruled the world, but it is still stylishly unique if you are that type of person who can pull anything off. The Fendi Mini Fringe Baguette is adorned with rose suede calfskin fringe. The bag also features golden hardware, an adjustable shoulder strap (which is a major plus for all size women), and a top flap with snap tab and signature logo buckle of course. Sizing up at 5 1/2″H x 7 1/2″W x 1 1/2″D this Fendi non-signature style is available via Neiman Marcus for $795.