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Grade 1 Replica Handbag Fendi’s Spring 2014 Handbags are Brilliant, of Course
For the past two seasons in a row, Fendi handbags have been easily my favorites of Fashion Week, both Milan and beyond. Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi have combined to create handbags that meticulously walk the line between luxury and innovation, a line of which almost all other... Read more
Grade 1 Replica Handbag Fendi Handbags
Hate is such a strong word. So I am feeling the need to redeem myself. Don’t think I am being an Indian-giver, because I really do not like Fendi, logo print that is. So here comes my redemption. This way I can show you I do know fashion when... Read more
Online Safe Replica Bags Fashion Week Handbags: Fendi Spring 2012
Images via Forgive me for a moment while I indulge in a bit of Internet vernacular: I am disappoint, PurseBloggers. For the past few seasons, I’ve thought that Fendi was on something of a roll when it came to runway bags; Spring 2011 was of particular note, and... Read more
Grade 1 Replica Handbag The Fendi 2Jours Tote is Still One of the Best Handbags Going
It’s rare that a handbag looks as precise, luxurious and elegant in person as it does in a carefully styled photo from a brand or luxury retail site, but somehow, the Fendi 2Jours Bag does. Every time. Sometimes it looks even better. I live in an area that’s great... Read more
Grade 1 Replica Handbag Check Out Fendi’s Just-Debuted Pre-Fall 2016 Handbags
By now, you know what to expect from Fendi: beautiful bags in familiar shapes, reinvented in colors, embellishments and finishes that require a closer look, plus added accessories that will inspire a thousand copycats. That’s exactly what’s on deck for Fendi Pre-Fall 2016; the brand released the upcoming collection’s... Read more
Replica Online Shopping Fashion Week Fall 2010: Fendi Handbags
If the brands that I normally make fun of continue to turn out impressive bag collections, what am I going to crack jokes about? With the second lovely presentation by Fendi in as many seasons, it looks like before I know it, the only time I’m going to get... Read more
Handbag Replica Wholesale Center Fashion Week Handbags: Fendi Fall 2011
Over the last several season, I’ve come to anticipate Fendi’s fashion shows because of the uptick in the quality of the brand’s accessories. Not only were its Spring 2011 bags totally on-trend and directional, but they seem just as brilliant now that they’ve arrived in stores as they did... Read more
Wholesale Suppliers Real Talk with Amanda: Can Designers Chill Out with the $3,000 Handbags, Please?
The average prices of day bag design debuts are creeping up to levels that are often unsupported by the product With bags that have been around for a while, like classic Chanel or Louis Vuitton pieces, it’s easy to notice prices going up because we have previous numbers for... Read more
Expensive Replica Fashion Week Handbags: Fendi Spring 2013
Every season, I wait for that first handbag collection that truly excites me to debut on the runway. The designer almost always changes season to season, and sometimes it doesn’t happen until well in to Paris Fashion Week. For the past two seasons, though, it’s been Fendi that struck... Read more
Genuine Leather Replica Fashion Week Handbags: Fendi Fall 2012
Images via After a lineup last season that left something to be desired, Fendi Fall 2012 extends the brand’s recent history of stellar accessories collections. Just look at that bag up there, you guys. Just look at it. I don’t have to explain why that’s an awesome bag.... Read more